Let's Become A Published Author!

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    Self Publishing Process

    • Why you should publish your own book.

    • Who is Bryan Humphrey?

    • The step by step process on how to self publish your book

    • How to do a copyright

    • How to create a marketable "about the book" summary

    • Legal information needed, how to find the right editor, book cover creator and interior design developer

    • How to set up your book on a website, use KDP.com to publish book, and order copies of your book

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    Marketing And selling tips

    • How to push your book with confidence and set up pre-orders

    • How to utilize social media and local influencers to increase the publicity of your book

    • How to utilize public/virtual speaking events to increase book sales

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    Thank you!

    • Gratitude

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    Free Ebook!

    • Bonus "Boss Up!: 10 Traits One Must Have To Reach Self-Actualization"