Let's Write The Best Book Ever!

  • 1

    Identifying Your Specific Niche.

    • Who Is Bryan Humphrey

    • What Problem Do You Want Your Book To Solve?

    • What Will Get Better in Someone's Life After Reading Your Book?

    • Creating a Catchy Title and Subtitle Name.

  • 2

    Structuring Your Book

    • How Long Should Your Book Be?

    • Creating A Writing Routine and Sticking To It

    • Chapter Names and Order

    • Dedication, Foreword, Preface, Acknowledgements & About the Author

  • 3

    Writing Tips and Hacks

    • How to Stretch Your Book Without Being Repetitive.

    • How to Prevent Writers Block

    • Do Case Studies While Writing Your Book

    • Don't Seek Perfection

  • 4

    Thank You!

    • Gratitude

  • 5

    Free Ebook!

    • Bonus "The Truth Always Wins: Becoming Fulfilled And Reducing Stress"